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Evgeniya Vorodimova


In business since 1999

Marina Nikolaevna

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In business since 1993

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We have been working at Saint Petersburg market for 23 years now



We have hosted tourists from 37 countries across the world



For groups and individuals



We offer more than 600 hotels for the gusts to Petersburg

About Us

Our Company History

фото 11

Our company was established in 1993. All this time we have been engaged in different directions; these were tours abroad, hosting of tourists at Saint Petersburg, tours of the most interesting places in our homeland.

Our company has been developing successfully and the department for tourist hosting in our city was highly active. Germany and France, the USA and Canada, Finland and Sweden – this is a small list of countries tourists of which visited different routes of Saint Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, and Moscow.

Our company was the first to obtain a tourist license and other certificates, to be included in the state register of tour operators in Russia since the moment of the registry organization. МВТ 014200 is our number in the tour operator registry today.

Our tourists always became our good friends and always noticed high quality of our services, advertence to every client and wish to make our programs interesting, intensive, and inexpensive to the greatest possible extent in a way that did not negatively impact the quality.

 Company Nowadays

фото 2Today our department for tourist hosting in St. Petersburg became the main one. Previously developed routs of the city and its suburbs, the Golden Ring of Russia, Moscow, Altai and Kamchatka became the main directions. We did not forget about our small tourists, we go to Father Frost in Veliki Ustyug, Krasnaya Polyana as well as Father Frost in Belorussia. We shall speak about Belorussia individually, it is our friendly neighbor that offers us its health resorts and places of interest, carefully preserved and restored as well as rest in national parks in recreation centers, private sector.

Hosting department of our company is engaged in promotion of museums, besides not only such museums as the famous Hermitage, the Russian Museum but also such interesting ones as the House-Museum of Dostoyevsky, Nekrasov, Nabokov. For this purpose we offer the following programs: Great Soviet Petersburg, Noble Petersburg, Writers of Russia in our City, Art of the Soviet Advance Guard, there are tours to artists’ studio who were the official suppliers of presents to the tercentenary of the city, unique tours to the temples of Saint Petersburg and the region.

экскурсии для иностранцевWe offer interactive excursions-games with clothes changing of tourists and full immersion into the world of history. Balls in Yelagin Palace, travel to the Village of Vikings, Russian folk villages in Mangrogi like Shivalovka, and for a special category of the youth – school leavers, newly wedded couples and just all interested people we organize exclusive evenings in restaurants or on a shipboard, or in any other interesting interior with live music, karaoke, artists of our famous theaters.

We don’t forget about such direction as education. Our institutions are ready to accept students for education; we will assist the school leavers and their parents to accommodate in hotels and boarding houses of the city, organize meals as well as administer the first steps of students during the first month алые парусаof their residence in an unfamiliar city. For people willing to get foreign education we offer various options. In order to realize the program we have concluded contracts with foreign educational institutions. Moreover, for all people willing to step up, there are educational programs in the leading educational institutions of the world.

Our name is Atoll and let the symbol of the warm sea, light and clear, will be the symbol of our communication with you, reliable and firm as the quietness island in the boundless life ocean!