«Radiance of the Orthodox Church»

Today, all turned to their origins and our company has been developing an Orthodox education course for more than 15 years, which introduces the most interesting and significant places of the Orthodox culture of our country. The ancient, restored, re-built, famous monasteries - they are still famous for Russian land - all this must be visited and know, and we are ready to help everyone with this! Atheistic upbringing, which influenced the institution of the family throughout the Soviet period, made it possible to belittle the essence of Orthodoxy, and the new capitalist education that has come to replace it tries to completely eliminate any faith, except faith and the worship of money. Our task is to give an opportunity to understand the life of Orthodox people - our great-grandfathers, to get acquainted with the history of our Temples - from construction - the time of flowering - of the Soviet rapture - and to return to worship in today's days. These stories are not written in the textbooks, these stories are alive. They will be told by the servants of the Temples, they will be introduced to various documents that can be touched by hands, and these are not frozen museum values, these are values ​​of a higher value - God's grace. Each Temple has its own destiny, and not one of them has been easy, and so does our Russian people, our state, so the story of the life of the Temples is also a story about our history.

Author's programs "The inner life of the Orthodox church"

1. Visit to the Vladimir Cathedral of the Mother of God Icon

Acquaintance with the temple, its history, the passage into the interior of the temple, visiting the restoration workshops, the climb to the church bell tower, the bell ringing lesson from the famous master, the dinner at the church refectory, the good farewell from the clergyman.

Duration - 2 hours. The number of people in the group is unlimited - from 1 more.

2.Trip to the Church of the Intercession of Our Lady in Fishermanski.

A whole complex of destroyed buildings inherited the diocese, not only did the transfer of the entire destroyed economy pass, but the work and prayers of Father Alexander and his assistants restored the old miracle. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a unique priest, the glory of which spread throughout St. Petersburg, to see restored under his leadership the ancient temple, you will not be left without good food, will acquaint with the life and life of the church.

Duration - 4 hours. The number of people in the group is unlimited.

3. Temples of Pavlovsk

We will spend the whole day in Pavlovsk, walk around the park and necessarily go to the Church of Mary Magdalene., Then we will proceed to the Fedorovsky Cathedral. The Church of Mary Magdalene is a small temple, but with an amazing history, actively reviving, an architectural monument of the 18th century, the creation of Rastrelli, recreated today by indifferent and loving Orthodox people. In addition to the history of the Temple, we will listen to a small lecture on the history of religion, the life of the Temple today, we will be offered a treat. After a short rest we will visit the Fedorovsky Cathedral, where we will be told in detail about the history of its formation, about its present life.

Duration - 4 hours. The number of people in the group is unlimited.

4.Temple complexes of the village of Sapernoe and the village of Pesochny.

In the village. Sapernoe formed a well-known in St. Petersburg community of the monastery type "Resurrection" for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. After a tour of the complex, you will have a meal, during which members of the community, according to the monastic charter, read excerpts from the patristic books. Then - visit the two churches: the upper one - wooden in the name of the Konev Icon of the Mother of God, where there is a revered list of the Miraculous Icon, now in the Novo-Valaam Monastery in Finland, and the lower one - stone in the name of Sergius of Radonezh, executed in the manner of ancient Byzantine cave temples. On the way from the village of Sapernyi - crossing the Vuoksu river, stopping for 15 minutes, getting to know Losevskiye Porogi, one of the unique places in the Leningrad Region. In the village. Sand - visiting a wooden church in the name of Seraphim of Sarov. Classical five-tier iconostasis, single-voice famous singing, a well with holy water on the territory of the complex, a large selection of church literature, cassettes and discs with sacred music, Bread and gingerbread on the holy Athos leaven.

Duration - 6 hours. The number of people in the group is unlimited.

5.Wooden temples of the Karelian Isthmus.

Visiting the church in the name of the Holy. Prince of Boris and Gleb in the village of Agalatovo, and then - the temple complex in the village of Sosnovo. Moving to the village. Melnikovo, the Orthodox Church in the name of the Holy Trinity and the Lutheran Church. Monument to the Finns who died in three wars: Civil 1918, Winter 1939-1940 and World War II. In Posle Vassilievo - an examination of the Temple in the name of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, built on the means of patron Andrei Lyamkin on the island in the middle of Vuoksa, the only example of Karelia in the colony on the waters. On the contrary, a meal is possible in the "Resurrection" community in the village of Pesochne and an excursion through the territory of the temple complex, or lunch in a secular restaurant - at will.

Duration 7-8 hours. Number of people in the group - from 2 or more.