Graduation parties

ISSUE EVENTS - MAGIC TALK OF YOUTH (for non-resident alumni)

Evenings are held during the period from 21 to 27 June, coordination of activities, payment is made up to 15.04.2016

Алые паруса

First day

  1. Arrival in the city transfer to the hotel
  2. Sightseeing tour by ship in the city

Preparation and delivery of documents to the universities of St. Petersburg, a seminar-training abroad - the USA, Great Britain, Germany and other countries

Second day

  1. Preparation for the ball
  2. Celebrating in the chosen restaurant-in one of the palaces of the city

The third day

  1. Excursions to the Hermitage, a walk around the city
  2. Extract from the hotel, transfer to the station

At the ball - champagne is non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverages are prohibited, responsible for compliance with this rule, group leaders

The cost of the program depends on the number of people in the group, the chosen hotel, the class of food, transfers.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation in hotel 3 *
  • 3 Lunches
  • 1 Dinner
  • Banquet in the restaurant "Luciano" (approved menu, champagne non-alcoholic, presenter of the evening, karaoke, indoor restaurant, dance floor, professional shooting)
  • Taxi for the evening and back
  • Tickets to the Hermitage
  • Transfer 

Cost of the program:  16 980 руб / чел (минимальное количество выпускников - 20 человек)

One Team Leader is free

ISSUED EVENTS - MAGIC TALK OF YOUTH (for graduates of St. Petersburg)

Evenings are held during the period с 21 по 27 july,harmonization of activities

Выпускные вечера
  • Preparation for the ball
  • Celebrating in the chosen restaurant - in one of the palaces of the city or the nearest suburbs (for example Pavlovsk).

The program, in addition to the selected menu, includes - a costume greeting from

  • Peter the Great and his Spouses
  • quizzes
  • congratulations to each graduate
  • memorable gifts
  • dance music, karaoke
  • performance of folklore artists

All necessary equipment, personnel, service, DJ

Layout «Classic style»

Silver chandeliers in the center of the table

At the ball - champagne non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverages are banned, responsible for compliance with this rule - group leaders

Price for 1 person - from 11 000 rub

Adults - with the support of the selected menu, the cost is from 9,000 rubles, there is no cork (upon presentation of a check from the store)

Sample menu

Option number 1

  • Fish plateau (smoked salmon, small salmon and halibut cold smoked with tarragon sauce)
  • Meat plateau (Assortment of smoked roast beef, marinated veal tongue and chicken roll garnished with onion jam)
  • Bread basket
  • Assorted summer vegetables of small salt (cherry, sauerkraut, mini champignons)
  • Salads are served one after another
  • Olivier with chicken
  • Romaine lettuce leaves with Caesar sauce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese with grilled tiger shrimp
  • Hot appetizers
  • Fried tiger shrimps and baked garlic sauce

Hot dishes

  • Grilled salmon fillet with asparagus and creamy caviar sauce
  • Grilled veal with porcini mushrooms and blackberry sauce
  • Duck breast in honey glaze

Mineral water, juices, tea, coffee

Option number 2

  • Kulebyaka filled with pike-perch, salmon, porcini mushrooms with "Biarnez" sauce and red caviar
  • Salad "Olivier" according to a traditional recipe with crayfish tails
  • Salmon of weak salt "Chef-ambassador" on potato pancake with "caviar" sauce (180 / 20gr.)
  • Pickles, pickles in assortment of oil, sauerkraut, lightly salted cucumbers (70 gr.)
  • Hot dish to choose from
  • Halibut fillet under almond icing, garnished with celery puree with prune sauce (330 gr.)
  • Veal pie, guaranteed with potatoes "Gratin" with pepper-tomato sauce (350 gr.)
  • Freshly baked rolls, assortment of mini-pies
  • Mini baguette, rye bread with malt, butter with greens
  • Assortment of mini-pies with traditional fillings with cabbage, with potatoes and hornbeams, with meat "Pate" (40/40 / 40gr.)
  • "Cheesecake" biscuit with wild berries, cream and caramel bisque (140g.) Espresso coffee, Americano, assortment of teas (200ml)
  • Cranberry water, mineral water

Payment is made for cash and bank transfer.

Applications are accepted until 20.04.2016 year, a later booking and payment leads to a change in cost, the choice of artists, the venue of the banquet

Broken dishes, etc. - according to the price-list